Today’s artists’ feature focuses on two incredibly talented young artists that have been essential parts in the behind the scenes development of Gup Gups. We at Gup Gups feel that our process is just as important as our products and we feel incredibly blessed to work with such a wonderful team. As artists and designers, it’s hard to tell what role your work will play and what worth or impact it will have when it hits the market. What we are more able to guide is how we work together as a creative team. We at Gup Gups feel that the opportunity to create something beautiful with a group of people we care about is probably the best and the most meaningful part of what we do.

Alex Langenstein

Alex Langenstein is quite simply one of the most talented animators we know. She has an amazing grasp of acting and timing, and thoroughly understands how differently a punch-line can be delivered by the tilt of a head or the flick of a wrist. We at Gup Gups feel lucky to have her for the time we do… as we know that she’ll soon end up with the likes of Pixar or Nerd Corps – she’s THAT good!

Alex’s work can be viewed during the Gup Gups Launch – Saturday July 10th from 8pm – 11pm at Lark – 2315 Main Street, Vancouver, B.C. Canada. Her work will also be viewable online when and go live.

Below is a small window into Alex’s mind.

Josh Awesome

Josh sleeps little and works a lot. A master of motion graphics, editing, modeling, lighting, rendering, Josh is truly a new media renaissance man. By day he’s a Senior Motion Designer at Electronic Arts where he plays an important role in putting together all those crazy Need for Speed videos that make you drool. By night, Josh is one of Gup Gups best buddies.

Below is a small slice of Josh’s personal work. If you’d like to meet Josh and see his incredible custom Gup Gup, you’d better be at Lark on July 10th (see our events tab for details). Checkout more of Josh’s work at