Matt Andres

We at Gup Gups consider Matt to be one of the rising artists of the Outsider Art movement and we feel fortunate to be able to provide Matt with his first vinyl toy canvas. Matt’s work has adorned many gallery walls in the Pacific Northwest including the Ayden Gallery and El Kartel, and we feel it’s just a matter of time before his work is everywhere and he won’t have time to goof around with us. Gup Gups recently sat down with Matt and got a chance to ask him about his work.

GG: First off, where are you from?

MA: I’m from Victoria, British Columbia, but spent a good chunk of time in Vancouver.  Both places have influenced me greatly in different ways.

GG: How did you get into art?

MA: Being an only child I had to find something to occupy my time.  Couldn’t play with He-Mans my whole life.  Well I could but that would be even weirder than calling myself an artist.  When I was just a boy, I drew a picture of Otis from Garfield (comic not that damn movie) and that was it, I was hooked.  Comic books and animation took a hold of my imagination but eventually my tastes started to mature and I was no longer interested in drawing Garfield.

GG: Where do you look for inspiration?

MA: Music is a huge inspiration for me.  I started creating because I needed something to do while I listened to music.  For some reason I never went the route of creating music.  I’d rather enjoy it then try and do something that doesn’t come natural.  As far as art that influences me I’d have to say most of the work I’ve seen from doing local shows is what keeps me wanting to create.  There’s an insane level of talent on the West Coast.

GG: Who are your artistic influences?

MA: Egon Schiele has always been a huge influence for me.  His line-work was so raw and simple and I get so inspired when I take the time to look at his work. To me it looks like he had a somewhat modern style way before it’s time.

GG: What attracted you about the Gup Gup Custom?

MA: The name!  Gup Gup Yall!  I’ve never done a custom vinyl toy before, so when I was given the opportunity I was down right away.

If you’d like to see Matt’s custom Gup Gup, you’d better be at Lark on July 1oth (checkout our events section for details)