When we found out that Sam had agreed to collaborate with us, we literally jumped for joy. Sam’s work in both toys and illustration has started to grow a dedicated fan following and we are proud to be a part of that following. We find Sam’s work to be inspired and unique and we are excited about any project Sam is involved in…especially our own!!! So, it is with great joy and not a small amount of reverence that we present our latest artist feature. Ladies and Gentleman – Sam Fout!

Sam Fout

Sam Fout is a character designer, illustrator and animator currently residing in the Midwest. Sam has lent his “classic animation” style of character illustration to clients as diverse as Warner Brothers, Hanna Barbera, and the World Cup. Recent work includes an ongoing series of Star Wars fine art prints for Lucas Film, character design and animation for The Ramones’ Johnny Ramone Army, and the Bone Ghost Agency limited edition toys. Characters from Sam’s serialized Project: Neptoon comics have been made into popular vinyl toys, t-shirts, skate decks and other merchandise found in retail stores worldwide.