Gup Gups is very much a team effort. From our animator, to our computer graphics modelers, to our technical team, to our motion graphics wizard, to our manufacturers, to our writers, to our illustrators, to our launch host, everyone puts a ton of effort and caring into every part of Gup Gups. So, for those of you coming to the launch, it delights me to inform you that that same care is put into the food and drink being served. We’ve brought on wonderful local caterers Swallow Tail!!!

Swallow Tail is well known to our local foodies for sourcing the best ingredients from our best local farms and wineries and putting them together in the most exquisite creations. Chef Robin is in her own words “Obssesed with food and wine,” she literaly stalks farmers’ markets and the B.C. wilderness itself! We’ve sampled many of Chef Robin’s creations and we can testify that you’re in for a wonderful experience – just don’t forget about Gup Gup while you’re snacking!!!!

To find out more about Swallow Tail, checkout the blog: