In today’s artists’ feature, we’re happy to present A Tale of Two Ians!!! Ian Lloyd and Ian Brenneman are two extraordinary videogame artists that come from a classical animation background. To give you an idea of how we work with artists, we’ve included the design sheets the artists worked on to develop their Gup Gups paint schemes. There are quite a few further steps to get to a hand painted, one of a kind Gup Gup, but the images below are where it starts.

…and now,without further delay…drum roll please…Ian Lloyd and Ian Brenneman!!!

Ian Lloyd

Originally from Kingston, Ontario, Ian is a graduate from the prestigious Classical Animation Program at Sheridan College. Fast forward and now Ian is a twenty year videogame industry veteran and currently an Art Director at Electronic Arts. A fixture and consummate leader at Electronic Arts, Ian has played a driving role in numerous franchises from Fifa to NHL and from SSX to NBA Live. As impressive as that is, Ian’s biggest contributions are probably in the charity work he’s done on behalf of Electronic Arts. Ian has consistently taken time out of his maddening schedule to work with organizations such as the Special Olympics, B.C. Children’s Hospital and Arts Umbrella.  We are excited and extremely honoured that Ian would take the time to collaborate with us.

Ian Brenneman

Currently living and working in Tokyo, Ian Brenneman is an artist and animator for one of the world’s most prestigious game developers – Square. Yup, that’s right, he works for the company that brought us the Final Fantasy franchise! This makes us drool with envy at what Ian is privy to behind the scenes. For you old school nerds, never fear, we intend to constantly lobby Ian to pitch sequels for Tobal and Einhander.

Ian is another one of those rare individuals who is equally adept at digital and traditional media. Formally trained in classical animation and visual effects, Ian is one talented individual who we feel very grateful to be working with.