Sun Lee Siew Loo is an wonderfully talented illustrator, graphic designer and photographer based in Singapore. So, when we were given the opportunity to collaborate with such a modern Renaissance Man, we jumped at the chance!

We recently had the opportunity to sit down with Sun and find out a little more about the person behind the art. Checkout the interview below, and if you get the chance, definitely pay a visit to Sun’s websites. or 

GG: Tell us a little bit about where you’re from and how you got started in art?

SL: Hello! , this is Sun Lee Siew Loo, I live on a Sunny little island called Singapore.

I became interested in illustration 2 years ago when I started reading a few illustration magazines. I found it very interesting and invested a lot of my time doodling and exploring my own personal style. And slowly incorporates my illustrations into my work and that’s how I ended up in illustration!

GG:What’s it like being a professional artist?

SL:For me, i’m fortunate enough to say that i’m able to do the work i love and work with awesome collaborations. And i can say that hard work really pays off where you really spend lots of time drawing, sketching and working your art when you could be out hanging with your friends.

GG: What was it that attracted you to Gup Gups?

SL:I’m not sure whether if you have heard of Tarepanda, but when i first look at Gup Gups, it just reminds me of it!!(infact, it was one of my fav plush toy!) hahaha! And of course, Gup Gups allows me to add  my own creativity as needed, which is pretty cool!

GG: Where do you go for inspiration?

SL: My inspiration comes from all over the place. Be it sound, image or objects from everyday life. Different things influence my creativity at different times.

GG:Who would you say are your biggest artistic influences?

SL: It would be Pomme Chan, i loves her flashy felt tip art style!

GG:: How do you see your art growing in the next few years?

Growing Fat?(just kidding) lol! I shall not disclose yet however keep an eye on me by visiting my website ! haha

GG: If you had a dream art project, what would it be?

SL: I always wanted to do illustrations on car and set design for theatre production!