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Take a look at this kickass Mini Gup Gup Custom by Antroia!!! Now, head on over to Toysrevil’s Public Vote and show your support! For more pictures of this Steam Age marvel, checkout the Toysrevil Post.


The Winner of Best Use of Colour  in our Designing Gup Gups Competition with Toysrevil is back as a fully realized Custom by Rickard Johansson.

Boomber has come for a visit from Sweden, and he brings some baggage with him!!!

To see more images of Boomber, head on over to Rickard’s website…and you can follow Rickard on twitter @antroia.

Every month or two we hold a random draw to give prizes away to our facebook friends. For us, it’s a little way to show some appreciation for the support you guys give us and make connections with cool people.

Bjornik was the winner of our Summer draw and we were so pleased to send him a little happy in the form of a Hong Kong Limited Edition Mini Gup Gup and a Mini DIY. When we later found out what a brilliant artist Bjornik is, we felt that we were the real winners in the prize draw!

Checkout the interview below to find out a little more about Bjornik, and to see more of his wonderful work, head on over to

GG: Tell us a little about yourself. Where are you from, and where did you receive your art training?

OB: I’m Otto Björnik and I’m from the Philippines. Ever since I was a kid, I’ve always loved drawing and wanted to be a realist painter. I didn’t have a formal art training though I had two minor subjects in architectural rendering when I was still taking up architecture in the University of the Philippines, Diliman.

GG: Where do you go for inspiration?

OB: I get my inspiration from the unique experiences I had when I was a kid. Everything else comes from ordinary things and everyday experiences.

GG: What would your dream project be?

OB: To create my own brand and make an animated film with my own style.

GG: What was it that you liked about Gup Gups?

OB: I first saw the porcelain skin Gup Gup and fell in love with it. I guess it’s the simple yet elegant shape that appealed to me the most.

GG: Who are your major artistic influences?

OB: I looked up to Russian illustrators when I was just starting out. They, and probably my penchant for realism and details, are what dictate my current style.

GG: What’s one piece of advice that you’d give someone wanting to work in the visual arts?

OB: Develop a personal style that you enjoy and see your self doing for a long time.:)

If you’d like to be entered in our random prize draws, just “like” us on our Facebook Page.

Sun Lee Siew Loo is an wonderfully talented illustrator, graphic designer and photographer based in Singapore. So, when we were given the opportunity to collaborate with such a modern Renaissance Man, we jumped at the chance!

We recently had the opportunity to sit down with Sun and find out a little more about the person behind the art. Checkout the interview below, and if you get the chance, definitely pay a visit to Sun’s websites. or 

GG: Tell us a little bit about where you’re from and how you got started in art?

SL: Hello! , this is Sun Lee Siew Loo, I live on a Sunny little island called Singapore.

I became interested in illustration 2 years ago when I started reading a few illustration magazines. I found it very interesting and invested a lot of my time doodling and exploring my own personal style. And slowly incorporates my illustrations into my work and that’s how I ended up in illustration!

GG:What’s it like being a professional artist?

SL:For me, i’m fortunate enough to say that i’m able to do the work i love and work with awesome collaborations. And i can say that hard work really pays off where you really spend lots of time drawing, sketching and working your art when you could be out hanging with your friends.

GG: What was it that attracted you to Gup Gups?

SL:I’m not sure whether if you have heard of Tarepanda, but when i first look at Gup Gups, it just reminds me of it!!(infact, it was one of my fav plush toy!) hahaha! And of course, Gup Gups allows me to add  my own creativity as needed, which is pretty cool!

GG: Where do you go for inspiration?

SL: My inspiration comes from all over the place. Be it sound, image or objects from everyday life. Different things influence my creativity at different times.

GG:Who would you say are your biggest artistic influences?

SL: It would be Pomme Chan, i loves her flashy felt tip art style!

GG:: How do you see your art growing in the next few years?

Growing Fat?(just kidding) lol! I shall not disclose yet however keep an eye on me by visiting my website ! haha

GG: If you had a dream art project, what would it be?

SL: I always wanted to do illustrations on car and set design for theatre production!

One of the great privileges of Gup Gups is getting to meet amazing artists and very cool people from all over the world. We are always delighted when our little design finds his way into a new home and comes back to us infinitely richer.

This time, Gup Gup has wandered into the home of Lei Melendres. Lei is the winner of our Voter’s Choice in the Designing Gup Gups Competition. So without further delay, here’s a little more about Lei in his own words:

GG: How did you get started in art?

LM: I actually started drawing during my days before schooling. My parents had some skills in drawing but my inspiration would be my brother. He loves to draw and I enjoy watching him do what he does best. I also love staring at his finished works but there were times when I got the feeling that I could do that same drawing better. I wanted to fulfill that urge somehow and that’s when I started the hobby—I was practically drawing all the time. My brother and I would have a competition on who draws better and that really pushed me to practice and improve my skills. I told myself that drawing is my real calling. I’m still holding on to that thought up to this very day.

GG: Where did you receive your art training?

LM: I honestly can’t say I learned from lessons given by the schools I went to but I can say that schooling had the biggest contribution for me to improve my drawing skills. I met lots of great artists in school and beating them had always been my goal. Sadly, there were people who won’t let me score that goal. Some of my classmates were just born with great talent and money to improve that talent. But then, I got over that. I had to make use with what I have. So far, I’m enjoying the challenge.

GG: What did you like about Gup Gups?

LM: Well, Gup gups looks fun to design. The toy has a wide structure and I thought it was a perfect canvas to put my doodles on it. I really want to know how the texture of a Gup gup toy feels like though. It would really be great if I get a blank large one. LOL

GG: Where do you go for inspiration?

LM: My inspirations are usually people I know personally and my online art friends. Their artworks inspire me more than the artworks of famous legends and living legends. The reason for that is because I view their works as the “possible to achieve” type. I’m not telling you that I feel like I could do what they can do but maybe it’s because I somehow know these people and I sometimes know how they do it. Don’t get me wrong—I hate imitating other people’s artworks. I always aim to be the first in something, I want to be original and if I fail, I aim to be unique at least.

For more of Lei’s work, go to:

We are ecstatic to finally show off the Steampunk huge Gup Gup by Keith and Howard Lau, the geniuses behind Pipeline Creative! Keith and Howard come from a VFX and product design background and their work has been featured on movie screens and store shelves. These are the guys behind the amazing FX makeup for the Mortal Kombat web series. So you can imagine how excited we were when they let us know they were customizing a Gup Gup! I could prattle on for ages, but I’ll show some restraint, contain my glee, and let the images speak for themselves!!!

If you’d like to see more of Howard and Keith’s work, please visi their webiste

For those of you who read our blog regularly, you know that a big part of Gup Gups is building a community and creating a dialogue. We love to meet knew, talented people and share what we find.

Today, I’m excited to feature Rickard Johansson from Sweden. If the name sounds familiar to you, it may be because Rickard was one of the Designing Gup Gups Competition winners for his amazing design – Private Boomber! What you probably don’t know is that Rickard is PC Game Designer and has his own designer toy in development. To find out more about Rickard, checkout the interview below. To see more of his work, go to

GG: How did you get started in art?

RJ: I wanted to become a cartoonist as a kid and drew a lot. After playing “Myst” I started doing some 3D modelling and renders.

In the end, I ended up a photoshop nerd, working with illustration and photo retouch in advertisement.

GG: Where did you receive your art training?

RJ: Drawing, illustrating and painting Warhammer figurines kind of kept me going. No formal training.

GG: What did you like about Gup Gups?

RJ: I liked the simple shape and the friendly attitude of the design. At its core, it was simple and inviting.

GG: Where do you go for inspiration?

RJ: Different artists, street art, old 20s to 60s designs and photos (love them!), arcitecture, movies, heaps of fonts and cartoons.